About Earl Samuelson

I’m a Dad with a profound love of animals. I’ve somehow turned into an old man (didn’t see that coming) but still love motorcycles…..and math…..and playing in the dirt.

  1. Hey Dad we could be twin bros — I’m a dad too — also 5 grandsons, love math, used to ride a lot (till I almost got killed), and I love the dirt so much I’ve retired from my engineering job, and am considering moving to Lake Tahoe to be near my daughter and two of my grandsons. Lots of dirt in the High Sierra! I am a part time math tutor, and I came across your site from a google search for Riemann sums to help one of my students. Thanks so much for sharing your love of math. I know how much work goes into such a presentation. The animation feature is great for seeing how U and L bounds converge to the true area without tedious calculations on a TI!

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